We often hear the label “Enabler” used to describe a person whose behavior perpetuates or denies another’s addictive behaviors. This situation can allow the negative consequences of the other’s unhealthy behavior to continue. It is often said that this enabling softens the negative sequela of addiction and reduces the chances that the person in addiction… Continue reading I; The ENABLER

Addiction is a Family Disease

The family is our basic primal connection to others. It is a naturally occurring interpersonal system. Unfortunately, the family does not always provide the healthiest support system. Inter-familial dynamics may be unhealthy from the start (often called dysfunctional). This situation, which may or may not include traumatic experiences, can increase the risk for someone developing… Continue reading Addiction is a Family Disease

Hurtful Words

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Many of us remember that saying repeated often throughout our childhood. As we matured we began to realize that though no bones were fractured by the spoken word, we have all known instances of words being used to defame, denigrate and label… Continue reading Hurtful Words


Last summer, Today I Matter, Inc. (T.I.M.) held our second annual vigil on August 31st at the Connecticut State Capital building front lawn to remember those lost to addiction and to offer support to grieving loved ones. Nine years ago, August 31st was designated as International Overdose Awareness Day. We exhibited 165 posters proudly displaying… Continue reading Shame